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Annual General Body Meeting
27th November 2022 @ Brooke Field Mall

Without leaps of imaginations or dreaming, we lose the excitement of possibilities.
Dreaming, after all is a form of planning


CODETA was formed 1969 with 27 members under the name 'The electrical traders association

the name was changed to Coimbatore district electrical traders association

This association, which celebrated its silver jubilee in 1994

Today Members

This association, which celebrated its silver jubilee in 1994

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CODETA is a member of the federation of all India electrical traders associations. The federation of Electricals, Electronics and Engineering traders association of Tamilnadu. The Indian chamber of commerce and industry- Coimbatore and, federation of trade association Coimbatore.

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Alfred Smee

Electricity is but yet a new agent for the arts and manufactures, and, doubtless, generations unborn will regard with interest this century, in which it has been first applied to the wants of mankind.